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Meditation is elevating. Accept the challenge of the unknown!

How Mercury In Retrograde Affects Each Zodiac Sign From Now Until December 6, 2018

Colour green. You are a light unto yourself and guide others as well with your wisdom and understanding today! Don't look for limelight and exposure but for quiet admiration and sincerity from people. A specialist can resolve health problems so don't hesitate to consult him. Lucky number 9. Colour red. Since plans are likely to change without warning, remain flexible and positive. An inner search for truths, priorities and values leads to your witnessing self and awakens the Buddha within.

Your Horoscope for the Week of December 17

Be in touch with your sense of humour, laughter and celebrate life. Lucky number 3. You tend to think negatively and imagine the worst today! None of what you fear is happening but you torture yourself unnecessarily. Instead of feeling hurt and suffering mentally, be positive as things turn around in a happy direction in just a short time.

Colour blue. Absence of a loved one during a temporary separation may cause some pain. Remember absence makes the heart grow fonder. Singing and dancing can be rejuvenating. Faithfulness in promises revives your trust in humankind.

Pisces Daily Horoscope - Sunday, 16th December, 2018

Honesty in transactions can be expected. You feel free, energetic and expansive and may take a short journey to get away from routines. A breakthrough in old attitudes, addictions and habits is possible. Love and romance in personal relationships are on the cards! Overseas visitors can be expected. You feel a bit defeated by situations at home and at work. Take this time off, to relax, while situations clear up and positive changes come of their own accord. An Aquarius person is supportive. Listen to your heart rather than the head to make assessments.

Here is your horoscope for December 16, Check out what the stars say your day will be like today. GEMINI You are likely to make some changes today by letting go the past and moving into the new current for the future. LEO Your professional work is futuristic and gains appreciation in time; so do not be impatient today.

Pisces December Monthly Horoscope Predictions | piogag.cf

Get real-time alerts and all the news on your phone with the all-new India Today app. The actual Mercury Retrograde Station, as Mercury appears to have stopped and is about to go backward is shown in red. Near the beginning and the end of the retrograde phase, Mercury seems to slow down in the sky, and its effect tends to stronger. This is shown with a darker color. The retrograde phase is famous for revealing the consequences of inattention to detail, wrong assumptions as well as errors in communication and transportation.

Many of these are often set up in the pre-shadow phase. The actual moment when Mercury appears to be stationary and is about to move forwards is the Mercury Direct Station. This is shown in dark brown.

As Mercury is still moving slowly before it speeds up the effect tends to be stronger, indicated with a darker shade of brown. Mercury is now moving forward, and this phase refers to the time during which Mercury is retracing the path in the sky where it had formerly moved backward during the retrograde period. Often, the Mercury Retrograde Post-Shadow can reveal the errors in communication and travel that may have occurred during the pre-shadow and retrograde phases. Mercury Retrograde at the Personal Level. One way of looking at Mercury Retrograde is that it reveals the shadow or disowned component in our awareness, communication, and interaction with others and with the world around us.

Mercury rules the signs Gemini and Virgo. With Gemini, Mercury expresses the way that we reach out into our neighborhood, interact and discriminate. The shadow of Gemini is Sagittarius. When Mercury is retrograde, it often expresses the negative or disowned nature of Sagittarius. When this happens, the tendency is to generalize, anticipate, gloss over, judge or assume, without reality checking.

The other expression of Mercury Retrograde is through the shadow of the sign Virgo. With Virgo, Mercury expresses the way that we integrate what we experience and how we make sense of the world around us through our mind. The shadow of Virgo is Pisces.

Mercury & Neptune

When Mercury is retrograde, often the negative or disowned nature of Pisces is expressed. Often the disowned nature of Pisces is revealed in our disconnection to our core and in seeking that connection outside of ourselves instead. You may want to look at each Mercury Retrograde cycle as a small wake up call and an opportunity to notice when you are caught up in the patterns of your shadow. It is then that we tend to be less conscious, and not as aware as we could be.

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Moreover, when we act from this place, we set ourselves up. The Mercury Retrograde cycle is a good time for introspection and to become more aware of your own patterns.

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If you wish to take advantage of this time, you may find this book is very helpful in revealing the ways we become unconscious in our actions, and it gives clear practical steps to regain our integrity with our core. It comes highly recommended: Being Centered. Each sun sign expresses the path of spirit and reveals our contribution to the way we interact with the Mercury Retrograde Cycle. That contribution is at the bottom of each Sun Sign description.

You can click the glyph of your Sun Sign in the menu below or choose it from the pull-down menu at the top of the page. Traditionally, retrogrades in Leo affect rulers, presidents as well as companies and people who are in an autocratic position.